Find your path with a Pinnacol Apprenticeship

Find your path with a Pinnacol Apprenticeship


Our program’s mission and philosophy

With early investment in mind, we launched our apprenticeship program in 2017 in anticipation of the aging workforce nearing retirement.

Each year, we improve our program, refining our model to best develop skilled talent to match Pinnacol’s organizational needs.

Prioritizing program alignment with the ever-changing needs of the modern work landscape allows us to effectively train talent for where we will need them most.

Get started with information from our partners

The Pinnacol Apprenticeship Program would not be possible without the broad support and encouragement we receive from our invaluable business partners.

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Current Colorado education partners

How an apprenticeship program could benefit your Colorado business:

Business partner benefits

CareerWise Colorado lays out the benefits of becoming a business partner.

Start-to-finish apprenticeship guidance

A Colorado Succeeds’s toolkit provides expert guidance for setting up a new apprenticeship program.

Overview of apprenticeships and program tools

The United States Department of Labor offers employers an overview of apprenticeships and tools to create and improve programs.

Strategies to expand youth apprenticeship

Courtesy of Western Governors’ Association webinar

Educator tips on starting a program

The US Department of Labor also provides tips for educators on starting a program at their schools and connecting with interested employers.

International proven outcomes

Learn about CareerWise Colorado Switzerland trip with Colorado leaders, including Pinnacol’s CEO, focusing on impressive returns of the country’s apprenticeship programs.

Why should businesses hire apprentices?

Apprenticeship programs set up students and businesses for success by creating a talent pipeline companies can draw on in the future.
Forming connections with the next generation of workers interested in your industry helps both your organization and the future workforce.
Questions from businesses

Where to apply

Apply through the CareerWise Colorado Hiring Hub. Submit your application today, or reach out to our team at